• Tyson Evans

Black Queer Power Appoints New Director of Community Partnerships & Engagement, Damir Allwood

Black Queer Power endeavors to create collaborative networks of individuals, organizations, and entities committed to social change, healing justice, and economic empowerment of marginalized communities. Though BQP unapologetically centers Black LGBTQ people, our ultimate commitment is to promoting and empowering the overall healing of humanity. It is in the spirit of this lofty but achievable mission, the organization has appointed Damir Allwood as the Director of Community Partnerships & Engagement.

The position will be an expansion of his current work in the community as Lead Coordinator for The Spot at The Phillip Rush Center. The Rush Center houses a wide array of events throughout the year and holds the offices of over 16 organizations with staff, including LGBTQ organizations and progressive political advocacy groups, as well as numerous organizations without full staff that have the Rush Center as they address and use the facilities on a regular, ongoing basis. Allwood has a passionate heart for humanity, and while his work has largely impacted the LGBTQ community, he recognizes that the true answer for many of the societal ills and injustices faced by many is togetherness and healing that can only be achieved through collective efforts of people from all walks of life. It it from this perspective that Black Queer Power believes that the newest appointee to the team will create massive impact at home, and abroad.

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