• Tyson Evans

Community Leaders Urge Medical Providers/CBOs to Adopt COVID-19 Response for People Living with HIV

Community Leaders released a joint letter urging Medical Providers and CBO's to adopt a trauma informed response to COVID-19 for PLWH.

This correspondence is a joint effort of community organizations and individuals committed to ensuring that no one is forgotten during this time and the potential preparation needs of all are met:

In the Spirit of Healing and Transparency we write this address:

Globally, the world is preparing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to contain the spread and reduce the impact. We find no better moment to emphasize the importance of being vigilante about general health practices for all people, but especially for those living with or impacted by HIV.

Essential to that preparation over the next days and weeks will be a calm and coordinated effort by the medical service providers, linkage professionals, and support organizations to encourage and assist those that we serve with and for, in our community, to ensure that as many as possible take the following measures:

· Contact Provider and/or Pharmacy to obtain a minimum of a 60-Day Supply of medications with a 90-Day Supply being ideal

· Make basic need preparations inclusive of the following:

  • Canned Goods

  • Non-perishable foods

  • Water

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Personal Hygiene Products

  • Books, Activities, Games, and other tools for mental wellness

As agencies charged with providing care and support, it is incumbent that we do our best to remove or help navigate potential barriers to access for those who may not be insured, or those who are currently not in care, but will be inspired to reengage in light of COVID-19. We strongly urge providers and support agencies to engage in the following efforts:

  • Prepare digital plans for care solutions

  • Encourage and assist enrollment in ACA and/or HICP for those who may have qualifying events

  • Co-Pay Waivers

  • Create alternative pathways with clients for medicine distributions in the case that pharmacies reduce hours and/or close to due other safety measures.

Together, we can help ensure that we still continue our goals of ending the epidemic in Atlanta as COVID-19 is addressed. This is not a time to panic, but to plan and prepare.

Signed in solidarity,

Tyson Evans Devin Barrington Ward

Linkage Manager Managing Director


Tijuan Bess Richard Hutchinson

VP of Community Development Executive Director


Larry Scott-Walker Malcolm Reid

Executive Director SLP Manager


Morris Singletary

Executive Director


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