• Tyson Evans

Dear Black America: All Internal Wars Must Cease, We are Under Attack!

Dear Black America,

Let me first start by saying, I love you. On the darkest of days, you always do something to give me hope and a belief in us. Many of us are ranging from deep agony to fiery rage, along with a host of other emotions. Our rage is righteous, our anguish is anointed, and our heartache is holy. We are a people that feel.

In the wee hours of this morning, I was awakened by my best friend and roommate with the words, "COME ON GIRL, WE GOTTA WAKE THESE PEOPLE UP!". I arose from my bed in a panic, still in underwear -- I ran to the front door to look out and see that there was a large SUV fully engulfed in flames less than twelve feet from our front door, less than six feet from the cars parked nearby, three feet from the communities main gas lines, and directly in front of our neighbors door. I grabbed a pair of pants, no shirt or shoes, and proceeded to join him outside in yelling and banging to wake up all of our sleeping neighbors in this ninety percent Black neighborhood. We helped neighbors get to a place of safety, while also navigating the emergency call. A family had to pick up an elderly father who wasn't mobile. Thankfully, the fire department arrived as the burning vehicle began to have smaller explosions, with a larger one sure to follow.
As I reclaimed my breathe and composure, I watched those firefighters extinguish the flames. I couldn't help but see the parallel between this fire that could have devastated my apartment complex, and the rapid fire(s) that are burning in Black America. I also thought about how we instinctively rescue one another. This is in the DNA of our souls. Black America is on FIRE, and we are all trying figure out how to put out the flames.

COVID-19 is killing us in large numbers. Police are still treating Black bodies as targets. Black Trans women are still being murdered at alarming rates. All of these fires only surpassed by the larger flames that are burning America in all of it's greedy, racist, capitalist glory. There are not just little fires everywhere, but massive fires everywhere. Collectively, we feel the heat, our hearts are weary, and we burning with rage. We burn with a deep anguish and anger that is fueled by the continued bloodshed and oppression of our beautiful people. Others are exhausted by years of ancestral toil on this American soil with no reward. It has provoked some to want to riot. It has made some want to even pick up arms. I do not write to cast judgement on anyone's justified responses to injustice, but I write to plea for a better corporate strategy.

We do not need firearms. Guns produce death for all parties involved, and we can not sacrifice anymore Black Life in the fight for Black Life. We've lost too many. We do not need fire or torches, because we can not endure anymore destruction. We need Unity and We need a strategy. ALL INTERNAL WARS MUST CEASE. The war between Gay and Straight, the war between Men and Women, the war between Cis and Trans, all of them. America does not make any distinctions in her oppression. We must become a collective body, to create a collective future, and to defeat this common enemy.

Much like the burning SUV in my apartment complex, we are already experiencing some small explosions, with a big explosion impending. We must extinguish our own flames, there are no firefighters coming. Together we must pull on our neighbors and friends to unity as we use our collective energy to create solutions. If you join together at the intersections of our differences, we will find a power that is divine. We are powerful together, we can do anything. But apart? We just might succumb to the flames.

In Love and Solidarity,

A Native Son
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